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Daniel:Excuse me, can I park my motorcycle there?
Guard:Yes, you must pay 10 dollars.
Daniel:Thank you.
Information Desk
Daniel:Excuse me, I do not feel well. I would like to see a doctor. This is my first time here. Where should I do?
Nurse:Please wait a moment. I will call the social worker. She will help you.
Social worker:Hello, my name is Peggy. May I help you?
Daniel:My name is Daniel. I don’t fell very well. I have a headache. And I have a sore throat and muscles ache. So I’d like to see a doctor.
Social worker:I see. You should see Dr. Chen, the family doctor. First, you have to fill out the form. And then take it to registration desk NO.5.
Daniel:OK, thank you.
Social worker:Pen.
Daniel:I would like to see Dr. Chen, please.
Nurse:Ok, I can help you. Please wait one minute. This’s your number. And you go straight to the waiting room.
Daniel:Thank you.
Nurse:Not at all.

Outpatient Department
Social worker:Follow me. I’ll show you the outpatient department. Dr. Chen’s office is at Room 19.
Nurse:Good morning. May I help you?
Daniel:I would like to see Dr. Chen.
Nurse:Dr. Chen! Ok. So your number is 19.
Nurse:Your name is Daniel.
Nurse:Please wait there. I’ll call you when it’s your turn.
Daniel:Ok, thank you.
Nurse:Daniel, it’s your prescription. Please go to the pharmacy.
Daniel:Ok, thank you very much.
Social worker:Are you ok?
Daniel:Yes. He said I had the flu.
Social worker:Did the doctor give you the prescription?
Daniel:Yes, he did.
Social worker:You have to go back the desk and pharmacy. Follow me.
Nurse:Please give me your IC card. Thank you.
Daniel:How much is it?
Nurse:Three hundred dollars. This is your reciept. This’s your number. Please go to pharmacy.
Daniel:Thank you.
Nurse:That’s my prescription. This is your drugs. You have two drugs. This is antibiotics. Every six hours one capsule. And this is Vitamin B Complex.Three times a day.
Daniel:Bye bye.

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view:2,317updated date:2024-04-10