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Hospital Headquarters
Medicine Department
Clinical Department
Civilian Administration Office
Administration Office
Personnel Section
Procurement Section
Medical Service Office
Information Management Section
Diet and Nutrition Section
Comptroller Office
Medical Equipment Maintenance Office
Medical Engineering Section
Medicine Storeroom
General Affairs
Medicine Department
Internal Medicine Department
General Internal Medicine Division
Rheumatology Immunology Division
Cardiovascular Division
Pulmonary Division
Gastroenterology Division
Metabolism & Endocrinology
Nephrology Division
Neurology Division
Infectious Diseases Division
Hemaconcology Division
General Surgery
General Surgery
Urological Surgery Division
Thoracic Surgery Division
Orthopedics Division
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Division
Neurosurgery Division
Colo Rectal Surgery Division
Dermatology Division
Nursing Department
Gynecology and Obstetrics Division
Pediatrics Division
Ophthalmology Division
Otolaryngology Division
Dentistry Division
Diving Medical Department
Psychiatry Division
Emergency Division
Physical Rehabilitation Division
Anesthesiology Division
Family Medicine Division
Nursing Home
Physical Examination Center
Home Care
Pharmacy Division
Pathology Division
Radiology & Nuclear Medicine Division
Radiation Oncology Cancer Division
view:2,151updated date:2024-04-25
view:2,151updated date:2024-04-25