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History of our hospital

Our hospital was established in the 1949 year of the Republic of China and has a history of over 70 years. In the early days, we only had clinical departments such as internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, and ophthalmology. After undergoing multiple organizational changes, we still uphold the core values of loyalty, responsibility, and treating patients as family. We continuously strive for improvement and growth, enhancing medical quality and the environment. Over the years, both our software and hardware have been expanded. Currently, we have 29 clinical departments, a total of 616 beds, and more than 897 employees. We are the only regional teaching hospital in the Zuonan area.”


  • Post-Liberation: After Taiwan’s liberation in the 1945 year, it was reorganized as the “Navy Hospital.”
  • Name Change: In the 1947 year, it was renamed to “Navy Third Hospital.”
  • Official Naming: In the 1949 year, it was officially named “Navy General Hospital.”
  • Hospital Evaluation: From the 1982 year, the hospital was evaluated and rated as a “Regional Teaching Hospital.”
  • Advancement Project: In the 1995 year, with the advancement project, it was renamed to “Armed Forces 806 General Hospital.”
  • Streamlining Project: In the 1998 year, with the streamlining project, it was renamed to “Zuoying Armed Forces Hospital.”
  • Defense Law Implementation: In the 2002 year, with the implementation of the second defense law, it was reclassified under the Military Medical Bureau of the Ministry of Defense.
  • Renaming: In the 2005 year, it was renamed to “Zuoying Armed Forces General Hospital.”
  • Further Renaming: in the 2013 year, it was renamed to “Kaohsiung Armed Forces General General Hospital Zuoying Branch.”
  • Current Title: In the 2023 year , it was renamed to “ Zuoying Armed Forces General Hospital.”
view:3,306updated date:2024-04-29
view:3,306updated date:2024-04-29