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About us

The Administrative Objectives and Principles

The ZAF-GH commits to provide the citizens of community the most advanced and comprehensive
medical care that is academically superior, logistically sound and yet it is readily accessible and patient-friendly.

The Institutional Mission Statement

The ZAF-GH, under the auspices of the national defensive and health care administration agencies, is fully prepared to respond to demand for medical need by the citizens of community in peace and war time.

Hospital History

  • Functioned as a naval clinic during the Japanese occupation period
  • Named Naval General Hospital in 1949
  • Qualified as district teaching hospital in 1988
  • Renamed as Zuoying Armed Forces General Hospital 2005

Hospital Development Establishment(1945~1959)

During the Japanese occupation, the hospital was served as a temporary clinic for the Navy. After World War II, it was officially named as the Naval Hospital. In 1949, it was renamed as Naval General Hospital after the incorporation of Shanhai First Hospital. At that time, the services of internal medicine, surgery, Oby/Gyn, and ophthalmology were provided. In addition to include the services of pediatrics and ENT were included. Medical instruments and equipment were also purchased in 1953.

Changes and Development(1970~1985)

  • During this period, new departments were established.
  • Blood Bank established in 1970
  • Diving Medicine established in 1972
  • Start of a building construction for the Diving medicine in 1975, and finishing the construction in 1976
  • Nuclear Medicine established in 1977
  • Burn Center established in 1979

Current Status(1986~2006)

  • Expanding its typical role, not only serving military but also civilian during this period.
  • Reconstruction of the main building to 9 stories with basement.
  • Family Medicine established in 1988.
  • Accredited to be a District Teaching Hospital.
  • Computer technology applied to the hospital management.
  • Establishment of the Burn Center and cooperation with the Foundation of Children Burned served as a model center.
  • Another new building was constructed for Diving medicine in 1998.
  • Nursing Care Center.
  • Psychiatrics established in 1999.
  • Regular check-ups established in 2000.
  • Refurnishing the ward for SARS (10 beds).
  • Community Medical Services established in 2004.


The Zuoying Armed Forces General Hospital was originally the Navy Clinic during the era of Japan’s occupation of Taiwan. In 1945, after the Restoration of Taiwan, it was named Navy Hospital. In 1947 it was renamed as Navy 3rd Hospital. And then in 1949, it was given the formal name Navy General Hospital until 1995.
Reorganizations of the Ministry of National Defense were implemented in 1995 and the Navy General Hospital was designated as Armed Forces 806 General Hospital, and then Armed Forces Zuoying Hospital. It is now called Armed Forces Zuoying General Hospital and affiliated to the Ministry of National Defense.
For more than 20 years, our hospital has been rated as a regional teaching hospital by the Department of Health. We provide the medical services and care for the health of the community.


  • To comply with policies regarding health care and national defense
  • To provide medical services and health care
  • To assure the well-being of military personnel and civilians in the community


We are and will continue to be a trustworthy resource to support military and civilian health needs in the district.
We are and will continue to be a center of excellence to nurture arts and sciences of medicine in the Naval Medical Corps.

Core Values

Nobility, Accountability, and Empathy


  • Strengthening manpower while maintaining super professional competency and leadership in medicine.
  • Respecting the patient’s rights, while ensuring the safety of patient.
  • Protecting patient’s safety while enhancing the quality of medicine.
  • Expanding the scope of community healthcare to reach the all-important aspect of caring.
  • Strengthening the military through research activities in military medicine.
  • Perpetual improvement in healthcare through efficient and streamlined management.
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view:2,642updated date:2023-10-26