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Short-Term Overall Development Plan (113–114 years)

  • Management – Civilian Medical Office Goal: Enhance emergency and critical care medical capabilities. Content: As the largest regional hospital in the Zuoying and Nanzi areas, continuous improvement in medical capabilities is essential to fulfill the mission of providing emergency and critical care.


    1. Integrated Cardiology and Neurology: Develop new medical services, constructing comprehensive cardiovascular and cerebrovascular interventional treatments.
    2. Strengthened Trauma Care: Enhance major trauma diagnosis and care capabilities to reduce transfer rates.
    3. Increased Cancer Diagnosis: Boost the number of new cancer case diagnoses, strengthen multidisciplinary team cooperation, and continuously improve cancer treatment quality.
  • Medical Quality and Patient Safety (including medical technology) – Medical Department
    1. Complete the planning of the second cardiac catheterization room.
    2. Establish an endoscopy center.
    3. Promote anti-aging center services.
  • Teaching and Research – Education and Research Office
    1. Pass the teaching hospital evaluation.
    2. Enhance and recruit medical research project momentum.
    3. Improve the application of teaching assistance platform systems.
    4. Strengthen faculty development and teaching ability assessment.
  • Military Medical Science – Underwater Medicine Department, Planning Office Short-term Goal: Complete saturation diving instructor training. Infrastructure and Human Resources Establishment:
  • Set up the infrastructure for the Marine Medicine Center, including hyperbaric oxygen therapy equipment and a diving medicine laboratory.
  • Recruit and train a professional medical team, including experts in diving medicine, hyperbaric medicine, and maritime medicine.
  • Establish health monitoring and emergency medical services for divers and maritime workers.

Education and Training Programs:

  • Collaborate on international diving instructor certification courses, such as PADI, SSI, and CMAS.
  • Partner with institutions like the National Defense Medical College and the University of Marine Science and Technology to offer courses in hyperbaric oxygen and diving medicine.

Preliminary Research and Technical Cooperation:

  • Participate in the construction of the national marine database and share research findings.
  • Collaborate with the Industrial Technology Research Institute to conduct research on marine medicine-related equipment and technology.


Medium-Term (115–118 years)

  • Management – Civilian Clinic Department Goal: Assist in the development of military medicine. Content: Establish a new “Diving Physiology Training Center” to provide hyperbaric oxygen, burn injuries, and other military medical services. This will be complemented by a new emergency and critical care medical building, which will be interconnected with the training center. Achievement: The “Diving Physiology Training Center” is under construction, integrating hyperbaric oxygen, burn injuries, rehabilitation medicine, and other military medical services to provide integrated medical services.
  • Medical Quality and Safety (including medical technology) – Medical Department
    1. Strengthen emergency and critical care medical capabilities and service quality.
    2. Enhance the function of the cancer center and pass cancer quality certification.
    3. Strongly promote high-level health checks.
    4. Strengthen community medical networks.
    5. Promote cross-team collaborative care.
    6. Pass hospital evaluation.
  • Teaching and Research – Education and Research Office
    1. Improve the capacity of the teaching hospital.
  • Military Medicine – Underwater Medicine Department, Planning Office Medium-term Goal: Establish a saturation diving certification institution.
  • Obtain Class A certification institution (complete DNV international certification and Taiwan Ministry of Labor certification).
  • Become a saturation diving certification institution in Taiwan.

Advanced Research and Development:

  • Promote the Marine Medicine Center to become a research leader in maritime medicine and saturation diving medicine in Taiwan.
  • Develop advanced equipment for clinical applications, such as underwater unmanned vehicles (ROV) and diving AR glasses.

International Cooperation and Certification:

  • Establish partnerships with international institutions such as the U.S. Navy Diving Medical Center and the Bangkok Diving Medical Center in Thailand.
  • Obtain certification in the field of international diving medicine and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Community Participation and Promotion:

  • Play a major medical support role in major diving spots in Taiwan and international surfing competitions.
  • Cooperate with local medical institutions to promote marine medicine knowledge.

Medical Research Development:

  • Accumulate physical examination samples of military diving personnel, collect annual data for analysis, and develop diving medical research.

Long-Term (119–123 years)

  • Management – Civilian Clinic Department Goal: Exhibit international characteristic medical services. Content: With the unique military medical characteristics of our hospital, the newly purchased multi-seat hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber is promoted for application in medical beauty and difficult wound treatment. Achievement: Strengthen characteristic medical services, renovate inpatient wards, improve the medical environment, enrich medical manpower, and showcase various high-quality results.
  • Medical Quality and Safety (including medical technology) – Medical Department
    1. Plan the internal setup of the new building, integrating all hospital medical units.
  • Teaching and Research – Education and Research Office
    1. Construct a southern military medical teaching and research stronghold.
  • Military Medicine – Underwater Medicine Department, Planning Office Long-term Goal: Establish a hyperbaric oxygen composite chamber center.
  • Establish a composite hyperbaric oxygen chamber center (RECTANGULAR HBO-CHAMBER COMPLEX).

Become a global leader in marine medicine:

  • Establish a research center with international influence, focusing on the innovation and development of marine medicine.
  • Regularly hold international marine medicine conferences, becoming a hub for knowledge sharing in this field.

Provide comprehensive medical services:

  • Establish a wound care center and diver health management system.
  • Provide comprehensive diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation services for marine, diving, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy-related diseases.

Technological innovation and patent development:

  • Cooperate with the Industrial Technology Research Institute and other research institutions to develop patented technologies, especially in remote medical care and diving equipment.

Through these phased goals, the Marine Medicine Center will be able to establish a solid foundation in the short term, become a professional center domestically and internationally in the medium term, and ultimately lead East Asian marine medicine in the long term.

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view:60updated date:2024-04-29