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Superintendent’s Remark

Since the 39th year of the Republic of China, our predecessor, the “Naval General Hospital,” was officially named, and it has been over 60 years to date. Today, although we face higher standards of demand and expectations from the general public, as well as changes in the domestic medical environment and various restrictions of the total health insurance budget system, we still continuously strive to improve organizational culture, actively create a lifelong learning environment, update medical facilities, hire excellent medical teams, enhance medical quality, ensure professional standards in various fields, provide holistic medical care services, and protect the health of military and civilians. At the same time, we also cooperate with the government’s health policy, extend medical tentacles outside the hospital, actively participate in various community health building projects, promote the public to practice healthy life, and achieve the goal of national health.

Therefore, I and all my colleagues in the hospital continue to uphold the medical sentiment of “treating patients as family,” firmly believe in the belief that “we are all in the same boat,” create high-quality medical quality based on value, through efficient operation management, and high-quality medical care team, continuously strengthen teaching and research, establish an integrated medical framework centered on patients, and then provide high-quality and intimate medical service quality, strengthen competitive advantages, sustainable operation and development, and hope to become “The medical stronghold of naval military medicine, a trusted healthcare resource for the community’s military and civilians.”

view:56updated date:2024-04-29
view:56updated date:2024-04-29