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Important developments (1976-2023)

  • 1976 Diving Medicine Building Officially Opened
    The Diving Medicine Department is one of the most characteristic military medical departments of our hospital. It was established due to the Navy’s development of the Mercury Project (submarine procurement case). The Diving Medicine Department plays a crucial role in supporting the Navy’s special missions, whether in submarine medicine, selection medicine, or diving medicine. Additionally, we have applied hyperbaric chambers to the clinical treatment of decompression sickness and difficult wound healing, making us the first medical institution in the country to treat patients with hyperbaric oxygen, thus earning the reputation of “Pioneer of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Taiwan.”
  • 1979 Burn Center Established
    An accidental disaster occurred in the ammunition depot of a Navy unit, resulting in 17 burn and trauma patients being sent to our hospital. A temporary burn ward was set up, and surgeons and nursing staff were mobilized for emergency treatment and care. The Chief of Staff of the Ministry of National Defense, General Song, showed great concern for the injured soldiers, visiting and comforting them. The treatment methods applied also attracted the attention of the medical community for reference and marked the proud beginning of our hospital’s burn treatment history.
  • 2003 Health Check Center Launched to Strengthen Healthcare Concepts
    Prevention is better than cure, a well-known saying. The former physical examination site has transformed into a comprehensive health check center, offering various specialized services such as adult health checks, elderly health checks, advanced health checks, worker physicals, pre-marital health checks, and military academy recruitment.
  • 2004 SARS Designated Hospital
    SARS ravaged Taiwan, causing widespread panic. Our hospital was assigned as a designated treatment hospital, continuously implementing strengthened drills for suspected or potential SARS patients, keeping all hospital staff alert and proficient in various operational procedures to respond to emergencies, ensuring medical safety, and achieving epidemic prevention goals.
  • 2004 Penghu Fuxing Air Disaster
    On July 23, a Fuxing Airlines flight to Penghu crashed, and two survivors were treated at our hospital. After multiple surgeries by our medical team, they were discharged on September 23 with the full blessings of the medical staff.
  • 2006 Radiation Oncology Treatment Center Opened
    Taiwan’s first radiation oncology department located on the ground floor officially opened. The unique environment gives the impression of being in a forest park, and the complete medical equipment provides an excellent radiation oncology treatment environment for the people of the Gaoping region.
  • 2009 Xiangtai Ward Established
    Breaking away from the traditional impression of hospitals as cold, dim, and extremely quiet, the establishment of the Xiangtai Ward aimed to infuse the service philosophy of “comfort, humanity, efficiency, and comprehensiveness” into the quality of medical care, creating a “hospital-hotel” goal.
  • 2009 Lotus Memory Home Established for Dementia Elderly Care
    Adhering to the service philosophy of dedication, peace of mind, and community joy, our hospital proposed to the Department of Health for funding to establish the Lotus Memory Home. Combining holistic care with the hospital’s existing resources, we aim to provide the most comprehensive high-quality medical services for the elderly with dementia. Our goal is to make the elderly feel respected and cared for, living dignified, happy, and joyful lives in a warm environment.
  • 2009 Morakot Typhoon Disaster Relief Mission
    On August 8, the powerful force of Typhoon Morakot caused rivers to swell, and floods carried large amounts of mud and sand, washing away foundations and homes in front of our eyes. Our hospital’s medical team immediately went to the Liukuei disaster area, joined the rescue team, and provided care services, serving the local residents and rescue groups with the spirit of mutual aid, fully committing to the disaster relief medical mission.
  • 2014 Day Care Center Established**
    In response to an aging society, our nursing home opened a “Day Care Center” specifically for dementia patients with moderate or less severity. Nowadays, many dual-income families are at work during the day, leaving the elderly at home unattended. Concerned about hiring foreign workers who do not speak the language, the elderly are sent to our center where professional social workers and nurses, along with other professionals, provide small-scale, multi-functional, holistic care at the day care center, making us your best choice.
  • 2015 Assisted in Treating Dust Explosion Victims
    On June 27, around 20:32, a dust explosion occurred in the swimming pool of the New Taipei City Formosa Fun Coast, causing a fire. Due to the large number of victims, they were sent to hospitals in various counties and cities for treatment. Our hospital assisted in treating 8 victims, including 7 with severe burns and 1 with moderate burns. Under the relentless efforts of the medical team, all were able to recover and be discharged.
  • 2016 Assisted in Post-Disaster Support for the Collapse of the Weiguan Building in Tainan
    On February 6, at 3:57 in the morning, an earthquake occurred in southern Taiwan, with the epicenter located in Meinong District, Kaohsiung City, causing the collapse of the Weiguan Building in Tainan. After receiving the disaster relief order, we immediately activated the general emergency disaster medical team, rushed to the disaster area to support, and assisted in the evacuation and transfer of the injured and sick.
  • 2019 Introduction of Three High-End Medical Equipment
    • Our hospital newly established “640-slice CT scanner, multi-function hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber, and multi-function composite operating room” and other high-end medical equipment.
    • The newly established 640-slice CT scanner adopts the latest technology, greatly reducing the radiation dose for the examinee, to obtain fine images of the lungs, and adds artificial intelligence to assist doctors in diagnosis, making the lesion nowhere to hide, which can greatly benefit patients who are screened for lung cancer in the early stage.
    • Our hospital’s newly added multi-function hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber, with a 12-seat cabin, wireless communication, fire protection, audio and video equipment, has good therapeutic effects for injured tissues, angiogenesis, infection control, and carbon monoxide poisoning, and is the only medical institution in the Zuoying area that is equipped with it.
    • The composite operating room allows patients to undergo scanning diagnosis and surgical treatment at the same time during a single surgery, avoiding patients being transferred between the radiology department and the operating room for examination and treatment, wasting time. Compared with traditional surgery, patients in the composite operating room receive less radiation dose, the surgery is more precise, the recovery period is accelerated, and the hospital stay is shortened.
    • These equipment effectively enhance our hospital’s emergency and critical care medical capacity, allowing us, a regional hospital, to have high-end medical equipment at the level of a medical center, providing more comprehensive medical quality and services.
  • 2021 COVID Prevention
    • From May 31, 110 to October 21, 110, the Kaohsiung General Hospital of the National Military, Zuoying Branch, cooperated with the Kaohsiung City Government Health Bureau to quickly grasp the community infection situation, and set up a community screening station at the old Zuoying Junior High School Activity Center. Every Tuesday and Thursday, a doctor, nurse, and laboratory technician were dispatched to the scene to perform antigen rapid screening tests, assisting in screening the people who were listed, and a total of 599 people were tested.
    • From March 18, 111 to June 23, 111, the Kaohsiung General Hospital of the National Military, Zuoying Branch, cooperated with the Kaohsiung City Health Bureau to reduce respiratory symptom patients from entering medical institutions, and set up an outdoor upper respiratory clinic at the emergency tent outside. After the on-duty internal medicine, surgery, and pediatrics doctors diagnosed and determined the positive diagnosis order, the safe work staff assisted in getting the medicine, and the nurse explained and handed it to the patient.
  • 2023 Chung Cheng Institute of Technology (CCIT) Jiupeng Burn Case
    • On August 3, 112, the Jiupeng case victims were transferred to our hospital for treatment. Our hospital activated the large number of victims mechanism and trauma care team to treat the patients. On August 4, 112, President Tsai visited the hospital to comfort the families.
    • On August 8, 112, Minister of National Defense Qiu Zhengguo led the Director of the Military Medical Bureau, Major General Cai, and others to visit the wounded in our hospital. The hospital director reported to the minister about the current situation of the wounded and medical treatment. The minister asked our hospital to do a good job in medical care and also comforted the hard work of the medical team. Afterwards, the minister visited the wounded and gave care to the families. Finally, he accepted a joint interview with several media in the hospital lobby.
    • On August 18, 112, the Navy’s Permanent Deputy Chief Huang Youmin visited the Chung Cheng Institute of Technology’s inpatient wounded in our hospital. The hospital director, Major General Hong Gongcheng, reported the wounded’s condition and subsequent medical treatment to the deputy chief. After guiding the visit to the wounded and comforting the families, he asked our hospital to do its best to save them, and also comforted the hard work of the medical team. The deputy chief convened important cadres to implement work guidance and award work bonuses.
  • 2023 Renamed to “ Zuoying Armed Forces General Hospital”
    Considering the actual needs of medical and training tasks, and to improve the quality of medical services for soldiers, from November 1, 112, the Ministry of National Defense ordered the adjustment and renaming to ” Zuoying Armed Forces General Hospital ” to strengthen medical capacity, improve the quality of soldier care, and simplify administrative procedures to improve operational efficiency.
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view:56updated date:2024-04-29