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Nursing Education before and after Surgery

  1. What are things to notice before surgery?
    1. Doctor will arrange blood test, regular examination on stool or urine, and ECG (Electrocardiography) examination for you before surgery.
    2. In order to confirm that there is no infection on surgical part and to remain sterile, we will first remove hair in surgical part, then have you to clean the surgical part before surgery.
    3. We will arrange anal enema for you under doctor’s instruction for cleansing stuffed articles inside intestines the day before surgery is exercised.
    4. In order to prevent vomiting and uncomfortable conditions in the middle or after surgery, please conduct abstinence on food starting from 12pm at midnight, the night before surgery. Please do not have any types of foods, including drinking water.
    5. We will teach you how to do deep breath properly before surgery in order to restore your lung function properly after surgery (the correct and efficient breathing method is to put your hands on your stomach, then to breathe air into your stomach slowly and relaxingly to cause it to fall in).
    6. Please exercise deep breathing at least five times every hour after surgery. To breathe air in deeply with your nose, then breathing out with your mouth continuously. At the mean time, please also do an effective cough every three times of deep breathing, in order to cleanse lung’s discharged articles.
    7. Please commence repeated practices on exercising ankles in cycles on bed before surgery, and also take more rest on bed after surgery for strengthening legs’ tensility and for enhancing legs’ blood circulation back to heart.
    8. Please take foods containing sufficient nutrition for bettering energy.
  2. What are things to prepare on surgical day?
    1. We will ask you to wear surgical gown on surgical day, and also will ask you to remove decorative accessories, artificial teeth, artificial eye(s), watch, or hair clip, for avoiding accidental injuries while being anesthetized.
    2. We strongly advise that ladies must not wear make-up or nail gloss that day for better observing on your condition while this surgery is exercised.
    3. Please go to washroom to empty urinary bladder before surgery.
    4. We will have doctor to give you a transfusion for supplementing proper amount of water required on your surgical day.
    5. We will have surgical attendants to move you into surgical room.
  3. What are things to notice after surgery?
    1. Due to you are entirely anesthetized (injected with narcotics) after surgery, you will be taken to recovery room for observation for a period of time and be sent back to your own ward after your condition becomes stable.
    2. If you are spinally anesthetized during surgery, then you will have to lie down flatly (must not sleep on pillow) after surgery for avoiding bleeding on anesthetized part. We will also assist you with urinating and daily life adaptations.
    3. In order to avoid vomiting due to being effected by narcotics, please must not have foods. We will also enough nutrients to you by supplying proper amount of water through transfusion. If you are advised by doctor to have foods or water, please start with small amount of it.
    4. In order to better sanitation in your mouth and avoid infection by bacteria, please wash teeth or water mouth with water often after surgery.
    5. In order to recover early, nurse will instruct you with appropriate exercises according to your type of surgery after surgery.
    6. Please must remember to take deep breath and couth in order to recovering your lung’s function.
    7. In order to alleviate your pain, please must take more deep breath and cough under comfortable situations. We will also give you pain killer under doctor’s instruction, and you can also ask nurse for it if you need it.
    8. Please return for regular check-up under doctor’s instruction after leaving hospital.