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The principal aim is the treatment of patients afflicted with burns, scalds, electric shock injuries, chemical injuries, contact injuries, and severe abrasions, with the survival rate of severely burned patients reaching as high as 90%.

The opening of the burn ward.The opening of the burn ward.
Model Burn Care Ward.Model Burn Care Ward.

Our Medical Team

Deputy Dean, Yuan-Sheng TzengDeputy Dean, Yuan-Sheng Tzeng
Chief surgeon, Kuan-Hung LaiChief surgeon, Kuan-Hung Lai
Attending surgeon, Tzu-Pin TsayAttending surgeon, Tzu-Pin Tsay
Attending surgeon, Chun-Kai ChangAttending surgeon, Chun-Kai Chang
Attending surgeon, Yi-Chen LiAttending surgeon, Yi-Chen Li

The team members include plastic surgeons, nurses, respiratory therapists, dietitians, physical therapists, and social workers. In addition, specialists from gastroenterology, thoracic surgery, cardiac surgery, infectious diseases, and nephrology are available for consultation at any time, providing comprehensive interdisciplinary medical care to ensure the most thorough care for burn patients.

view:30updated date:2024-04-30
view:30updated date:2024-04-30